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This Myrtle Beach spa that specializes in not one, but five different body massage therapies that are sure to leave you feeling like a million bucks in your own skin. Of these therapies are the Hot Stone, Couples, Pregnancy, Swedish and Deep Tissue along with Reiki and Reflexology add ons.

With the Hot Stone massage therapy, your licensed massage therapist will use smooth stones with a flat surface that have been heated to relax the body. The heat is incorporated for its ability to relax your muscles and improve circulation throughout the body. Believed to relax both the body and mind, this massage technique is believed to aid in the release of negativity and stress, combat depression and even help against any arthritis pains or insomnia that you may be suffering from.

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The Finest Myrtle Beach Spa and Massage Treatments

The Swedish massage takes full advantage of relaxing therapeutic body massage oils and stretching, friction and kneading massage techniques that leave your body feeling fully relaxed and rejuvenated. Let your massage therapist at the Myrtle Beach Spa know your pressure preferences, whether it is light pressure, deep or somewhere in between. The goal is to give your body the pampering that it desires, so don't be afraid to speak up and let your massage therapist know exactly what your muscles are requiring.

Deep tissue massage puts a great deal of focus on your muscle tissue and works to relieve chronic tension that can make day to day living difficult. By focusing on specific areas that need relief and concentration, your masseuse can significantly help aid in decreasing the tension in the muscle, often even eliminating it entirely. Unlike other types of Myrtle Beach massages that you can receive at the Rejuvenation Day Spa and Salon, deep tissue has a strong focus on slow and controlled movements in order to achieve the desired results. Also You can add on additional services to any massage like Reflexology which stimulates accu-pressure points within hands and feet to promote circulation, or Reiki that unwinds nerves and nerve fibers within muscle tissue to promote extreme relaxation.

If you are looking for skin care services, this Myrtle Beach spa offers a variety of different facials and microdermabrasion packages. Microdermabrasion will fight superficial skin imperfections such as scars, wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, enlarged pores, and stretch marks. Services in this category include crystals treatments, diamond tips treatment, vitamin mist, oxygen treatment and a 6 treatment package. For those looking to rejuvenate the skin by cleaning, hydrating, and relaxing the skin, a facial may be more in line. With purifying facials, anti acne facials, age smart facials, glycolic peel, every customer with any type of skin will be satisfied.

This Myrtle Beach spa also offers a variety of hair and nail services from certified hair stylists. Hair care is yet another platform this spa in Myrtle Beach covers. With cuts, conditions treatments, and children's cut you can choose a new hair style and change your look instantly. Also offering permanent, semi-permanent and highlight coloring services, you can make the transformation complete. Hair extensions are also offered and price depends on consultation. So if you are looking for a relaxing Myrtle Beach massage, facial, or hair styling, come see us here at Rejuvenation Day Spa & Salon...a Myrtle Beach spa that cares.

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