Wellness Incentive Program

Living a balanced lifestyle is the key to your health.  Therapeutic massage therapy is an important element to help you maintain balance. It is time set aside for your well being, to relax, regroup, to take care of your vessel. Many of us do not think twice when it is time to take our car in for an oil change. Your car needs that maintenance to function properly. It is better to maintain and prevent then to wait until something goes wrong. It is with this thought in mind that we thought of a Wellness Incentive plan. It is an easy non-committal way to make massage and or facials fit into your monthly budget.

Many of us do not think to take care of our skin until after the signs of aging are already there.  We offer a facial plan that will help you stay committed to caring for your skin without breaking the bank.  Come in for a facial, discuss what your goals are for your skin, what you would like to achieve and we will design a treatment plan and at home care plan customized just for you.

Come each month(within 30 days) and receive 20% regular service price.  It is that simple!

*This plan is not to be combined with any other promotional offers.*